Company Values

Serellan LLC is a gaming company founded by Christian Allen to make quality shooter games.  The following are our company’s core pillars, and the supporting mission statements.

These are listed in no particular order.


  • Management structure should be as flat as possible, with no “ivory towers”
  • Everyone is expected to give their opinion and ideas, and for every feature there will be a clear owner who will make the final calls
  • Our focus is on making awesome games, not layering in bureaucratic ###### to deal with
  • If you see a problem, call it out, we want to fix it
  • Employees will know everything we are doing as a company
  • Unless it deals with external partners that require confidentiality, we will tell you everything that is going on
  • Employees will share in the profits of this company in a transparent manner

Work Life Balance

  • Make your own hours, we don’t care when you get here as long as your ###### is getting done
  • We support game developers who have families and a life
  • Take care of your family, if you need to leave, or bring in your kids, do so
  • If you are sick, stay home
  • Relax, keep this fun
  • Feel free to work on your projects outside of work, as long as they don’t conflict with our projects

Gameplay First

  • Gameplay rules
  • We make games for the core audience
  • We are a gameplay company, not a tech company
  • If we can license it, we will
  • Every decision will make the game better


  • Our fans and our community are our lifeblood, without them we are nothing
  • Respect the fans’ intelligence
  • Retain the core vision of the game, but take the community’s opinion into consideration
  • We will be as transparent as possible to our fans and our community, not feed them PR doublespeak

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