A message to the Serellan community…

A message to the Serellan community…

Dear Friends,

As you know, I have been working for years to bring the concept of a tactical CQB shooter to life. Whether it was Kickstarter campaigns, publisher deals, or taking out loans to self-finance a project, I have been in this space since 2012. I have worked long hours, worked without pay, and put my own financials up for risk. I have had crowdfunding deals, publishing deals, and even tried our hand at Early Access.

While we have had varied measures of success, ultimately, none of these ventures have proven a sustainable business model. I have dedicated myself to the genre, having taken personal hits to try and make things work, but it just seems that despite my best intentions, either because of my failings or the lack of interest for the tac shooter genre, I need to move on.

I have put my life into this genre. I have sacrificed career, health, and family to try and make this work, but after years of input, it hasn’t worked out. You could call this a failure on my execution, and it may be.

I tried to bring back CQB Tac Shooters. I was hopeful. I failed. I am sorry. I have been mostly offline for the past year as I tried to close business deals and dealt with personal health issues, but unfortunately on both counts, I have been unsuccessful. I am thankful for your support, but at this point, I need to look after my health, try and deal with my major financial loss, and move on. Thank you.

Serellan LLC will continue as an entity and I hope to update Epsilon again in the future, but it will be as I can set time aside for it, not as a major focus. To all the fans, I am sorry, and, as always, you rock.


Christian Allen

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  1. Bella Ryse says:

    We appreciate all your efforts and Serellan LLC will live on!

  2. Docwatmo says:

    Do what you got to do brother. As an ardent R6 fan and fellow TSP Alumni, I had high hopes for your success. I think it will still come together, just take care of you and your family first. I hope things go your way and you get the chance to make it work. Take care brother and keep us updated.


  3. Jason Theriot says:

    God bless you buddy. I’m sure that I speak for everyone out there when I say that we truly appreciate what you have done, are trying to, and may still do for the CQB genre. However, your family and health should always come before those interests. I hope for you all the best in the future.

  4. BosH says:

    Allen , dont worry.you may be lost now,but you will be succeed one day.
    All the best.

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  7. Jinzu96 says:

    Serellan, italian community support you

  8. Drake[ITA] says:

    Please this is a call for you from the Italian community

  9. Ninjaspy says:


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  11. LANCERZ says:

    truly a shame. had a few correspondence with Mr. Allen on twitter. He seems like a genuine guy who has impressively served in all four branches of the military. the man I talked to before Red Sabre’s release and the man I’m seeing in this letter are two different people. this is a man who was demonized by the tactical shooter community for trying to give them what they want. it wasn’t perfect by any stretch, but takedown was very fun for the price.

    If I were serellan, it honestly wouldn’t matter what a couple of italians or anyone said to me. I’d be at a point where gamers could happily suck my left nut.

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