EPSILON Alpha Assault Pack

EPSILON Alpha Assault Pack

With the Alpha Assault Pack update, EPSILON on Steam Early Access expands, adding the all-new Terrarum Data map for play in EPSILON’s story mode and score-centric Elimination Mode.

When the Epsilon team discovers evidence linking high-ranking Unipol officials to Vindinberg members financing trafficking, they infiltrate the Terrarum Data center to extract essential intel. The Terrarum Data center is a four story underground facility, with long corridors and a strong focus on verticality, rewarding players who employ methodical tactics.

In addition to the Terrarum Data map, the RG-9 Submachine Gun has been added to loadouts. Numerous improvements have been made to EPSILON, including a new Radial menu for on-the fly squad commands, partial controller support, improved ally and enemy AI, and added Enemy Patrol patterns in Elimination Mode.

EPSILON is available now on Steam and will launch on Green Man Gaming tomorrow at a 10% off discount.

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