E3 Press Roundup

E3 Press Roundup

During E3, James and Christian gave a demo to the press on TAKEDOWN: Red Sabre behind closed doors. In the weeks following, a wide variety of press has come out detailing the press’ reaction to the game. We’ve compiled a list of press (thanks to Deosl for his help gathering links)


Reddit /r/Games Interview – link

Co-Optimus Interview – link


Escapist Magazine – link

PCGamesN – link

SimHQ – link

EGMNow – link

GamrReview – link

Polygon – link

Joystiq – link

GameZone – link

Co-Optimus – link

TechnologyTell – link

Worthplaying – link

SaveContinue – link

IGN (Danish) – link

Gameinformer – link

GamesRadar – link

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