Mission Accomplished!

Mission Accomplished!

Target reached, $200,000 pledged with 2 hours to deadline! This is an awesome achievement and shows just how much the gaming community want a true tactical shooter. Not just from the amazing pledges, but from the amount of work and promotion done behind the scenes by individual gamers, promoting this initiative to anyone who would listen, and even some who wouldn’t!

Yesterday, nobody thought this project had the legs to make the target, today, with only a couple of hours left, donations have blasted through the $200,000 mark and are still climbing at a higher rate than at any other time of the Kickstarter.

Well done, and thanks from Serellan. Celebrations and back patting going on right here.

Now the fun really starts!

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  1. Steve B. says:

    I’m just really glad you made it! I am very excited to see what happens next, and hope to keep tabs on the game development process.

    I’ve come across some major doubters, but I am glad that despite other’s pessimism, you succeeded! I also discovered some who were totally off about who the people are behind these campaigns, so I hope to change that with the articles I’m writing and hope to get published.

    Congratulations! Now for the next stage!

  2. Caleb Stevens says:

    Good job! We did it! Time to have some fun!

  3. Robin says:

    Awesome work guys!
    And, You should get TotalBiscuit to cover the Beta, since he burns for games like this, and also made this happen by linking your kickstarter page. One little link pushed the plegde into shore.

    I also love his commentary. So it would most likely be a win win.

    • Taylor says:

      Ya, TB would bring a lot more attention to this game, and he is the one that made me aware of it to begin with. You are also right about his link pushing the pledging – he linked it on facebook, bringing attention to the game to many more people!

  4. Matthew W. says:

    Congratulations!! Looking forward to seeing this happen!

  5. Ben D. says:

    Very glad to see that you surpassed the $200,000 mark! TotalBiscuit is the man! This may have been done without him, but he can help popularize this, if it truly will become the next big Tac-shooter!

  6. Deathwig says:

    Talk about by the skin of your teeth!
    Bravo ladies and gents. Pints all round everyone!

  7. Aaron C says:

    Great job guys! I’m really looking forward to Takedown! I’m glad the fps vets are coming back in the spotlight! Long live squad based tactical shooters!!

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  9. polynesianSAUCE says:

    Awesome! I wasn’t able to donate but I’m thrilled. Good luck with the project. This is the FPS genre’s redemption.

  10. arran says:

    any way to send money, I found out too late!

  11. Jacqueline says:

    Hell yes! I literally just got done plaiyng some swat 4 coop with some friends just to come find out you guys made your kickstart! congratualtions!. New generations of gamers need to be taught why games like CoD even exsist, and us older hardcore gamers need this more than anything. my friends and i have been constantly saying that we need a true successor to rainbowsix/swat for the new generation and this sounds like what weve been craving for a very long time. i wish for nothing less than great success for this game. it is truly time to stack up on modern shooters front doors and prepare to breach and clear.

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