Final Pledge Push!

Final Pledge Push!

Only a few hours to go and the Kickstart is tantalizing close to its target. In a final push for pledges a new $60 reward level has been introduced that will award kickstarters with their name being listed in the games final credits! Anyone who has already pledged can up their pledge by a few dollars to this level right now to gain this award.

More in the forums here, and make your final pledge to make this happen on the KICKSTARTER page now! We can do this!!


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  1. Ali says:

    Support these guys!!! I’m a console paleyr all the way. I would love to see something like this come out. Operation Flashpoint is just too big. Tight urban scenarios and realism is the way to go. It’s a shame that the deadline is so close,I don’t think you’ll make it. You should still make a effort to make this game though,we will buy it!

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