Epsilon 1.7 Update is Live!

Epsilon 1.7 Update is Live!

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Update 1.07 is Live!  In addition to new features and equipment, there are tons of fixes and improvements.  Take a look:

1.07 Changelist:

NEW: 36C Carbine Added
NEW: Partial Steam Controller Support (may require re-mapping)
NEW: Ability to tag tripwires on map through Security Cameras
AI: Increase Weapon Detection Ranges
AI: Tweak Reaction Times
AI: Accuracy Tweak
Fix: Grey out Unused Floors on Map UI
Fix: Weapon SFX not properly adjusting volume
Fix: Audio Defaults now default to on
Fix: Charlie has Secondary as Primary
Fix: Map returns to level 1 when exiting Security cameras on other levels.
Fix: Squad unable to secure 1st floor Unipol Hostage
Fix: Tripwire Lasers Not displaying properly (only in Cyber Vision)
Fix: Door on 2nd floor not functioning properly on Unipol
Fix: Some weapons volume not adjusting properly
Fix: Some suppressed weapons generating too much noise
Fix: Squad securing Hostage does not complete mission
Fix: Breach Options grayed out when Available
Fix: Player Icon not showing on Level 4

1.07.01 HOTFIX

Fix: 36C Carbine w/Red Dot not doing damage
Fix: 36C Carbine Red Dot Collision
Fix: 36C Magazine not detaching on reload
Fix: 36C Brass not lit
Fix: 36C Sprinting Error
Fix: 36C Red Dot Reticule not displaying
Fix: 36C Not displaying correctly in equipment selection

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