EPSILON Feature Friday 7/24

EPSILON Feature Friday 7/24

Welcome back to Feature Friday! The team has been hard at work this week, implementing tons of fun, such as AI assault patterns, more door options, weapon up, and more! But this is Feature Friday, so today I’ll be talking about the planning map. Today Deane and I are working on implementing multi-level interface for the map, so I thought that would be a good subject.

Keep in mind, these shots are WIP and will evolve as the project moves forward.

Here is the current map:

And here is the key for the map:

From here, you can plan your team’s route (or command them on the fly in gameplay, or both), see which doors are locked, and choose the location of your remote sniper. In addition, if you click on one of the security camera icons, you can see through it in real time, so you can observe the patrol patterns and locations of enemies. If you tag an enemy through the security system, they will show up in your map view (when in view of a camera).

Here is a view of a security camera:

The security system which is marked as a secondary objective allows you to access and unlock all of the doors in the building, which is helpful if you want to go stealth and not use breaching charges, which are noise generators that alert enemies.

I think that wraps it up for the planning map! Have a good weekend!

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  1. AK_gamer says:

    Creature feature 🙂 Doors are getting scarier! Breeching effects look fun 🙂

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