Dev Diary: May 13th

Dev Diary: May 13th

Last week, Christian flew down to LA for the live-action TAKEDOWN photoshoot.  The goal of this shoot is to develop key hi-rez art pieces for things like big posters for E3, Gamescom, etc.  Serellan and 505 Games collaborated to bring in great actors with authentic gear (including dewatted M4’s to comply with California law, so we could have real hardware without accidentally becoming felons).  During the day-long shoot, with the studio reaching 85+ degrees, Christian collaborated with another former Marine who recently returned from combat duty to ensure of the authenticity of the shoot.  We worked to nail the high tension of TAKEDOWN’s focus on CQB, teamwork, and tension.

The key images that come from this shoot will let the average gamer know how TAKEDOWN is different than the average shooter, so don’t expect the standard “brown” shooter with a “Charlie’s Angels” shot.  We found the bringing the intensity of the team members eye’s was key.  We want to thank Petrol for providing an awesome crew to net us over 1600 shots in a day long shoot.  We will look to provide the community with some raw photos to create cool wallpapers, etc, and put it into the planned art book pack in the future.  Here are some behind the scenes shots:


VO Shoot

For audio news, we are lucky to be working with PCB Entertainment on our voice recordings.  If there was one win from Christian going to GDC, it was him hooking back up with Keith Arem, PCB’s key player. Christian and Keith worked together on the Ghost Recon franchise, and PCB is known in the games industry as a main driver in the voiceover world, working on games such as Call of Duty, Ghost Recon, Sleeping Dogs, Saints Row, SOCOM, Metro 2033, Army of Two, Rainbow Six, and on and on and on…


Keith loves what we are doing on TAKEDOWN and has worked with Christian to bring AAA quality VO to this game, even though we are an indie title.  This is a great example of having industry vets like Christian and our Audio Director, Kristoffer Larson, on the project, because we can land talent like PCB Studios.

In the next few weeks, we will be flying a few folks down to LA to do the VO recording, and we ill take pics and some video to give you folks a behind-the-scenes look at what video game VO sessions look like.


In the Office

Instead of “speaking” to our development process, like we usually do, for today’s dev diary, we’re going to show you the development process in candid action shots…behold!  In office images:

Andy animating

Brandon coding (which is funny to Andy for some reason)

Deane environmenting.

Nathan designing and Mark building.

Production producing.

Terry testing.

Christian creating…and the Team teaming.


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