Dev Diary: April 7th

Dev Diary: April 7th
And we’re back with our next developer diary. This time giving a rundown of the current state of development along with some pictures of Christian’s trip to GDC’13

Community Spotlight
We are pleased to announce the launch of a new series for our blog titled ”Community Spotlight”, a Q/A Series with dedicated TAKEDOWN community members. The series will serve as a way for us to showcase the awesome support given towards the community! Keep your eyes peeled in the next week for our first Community Spotlight.

In the Office
We started this week off with a playful shot across the proverbial April Fool’s bow. All in good clean fun, we think. But just to confirm: no we did not spend all of your hard earned kickstarter dollars on fancy cars, nor are we teaming up with Zynga and Activision to to produce the next version of TAKEDOWN: Red Sabre in -ville style. We hope that’s okay.

Beginning late last week, we have a new Engineer joining our team – Sam Prud’homme. Sam’s focus will primarily be on AI and we’re super excited to have him on board. It is arguable that, behind multiplayer/networking, AI is one of riskiest areas in product development (for first person shooters at least). For our purposes, UE3 handles networking exceptionally well. For AI, Sam’s expertise is already paying off. He’s already begun digging into what’s available in Unreal and then planning out augmenting our toolset to develop AI behaviors specific to TAKEDOWN: Red Sabre. AI will still continue to be a high risk for us, but we are in good hands now that Sam is on board. This is another area where our philosophy of a focused hiring of industry experts is paying off dividends. Look for Sam’s staff interview to be posted shortly.

Production-wise, we continue to be exceptionally busy. We are working through polishing up additional maps and are prototyping out various methods for rapid level development.

Kristoffer continues craft the audio recordings from the weapons shoot. This will be an ongoing and labor intensive process. We are also performing ambient audio passes on several of the levels. Content-wise, Kristoffer and team have been doing a great job of generating the necessary sounds for the levels. However, we have bumped into some challenges with getting audio to perform on a procedural level due to a steep learning curve with some of our audio tools. Some of these difficulties have to do with priorities and time constraints, and some of it has to do with integrating external components into Unreal. That said, audio quality is a focus and we’ll continue to make sure we’re getting the best audio experience possible into the game.

We’re also hard at work on developing new character models for TAKEDOWN. We’re looking to continue with our clean and modern look here as well.

Posted Image

You’ll see here, a series of images demonstrating the progress one of our character models has taken over the course of many rounds of feedback. Phase 1 outlines the initial look and feel mostly focusing on proportions. Phase 2 demonstrates where the character is at after Andy (Animation) and Christian (Creative and authenticity) have provided feedback on Phase 1. Phase 3 includes more feedback from Christian and Andy as well as the addition of gear. Now, again, this is still FAR from being a complete model (obviously). There are probably another 3 or 4 phases to go on this model – removing or adjusting gear, creating new gear, etc. And, we haven’t even begun to look at textures, lighting, normal maps, LOD (level’s of detail), etc. So there is still a LONG way to go on this guy, however we’re quite happy with the results of our process thus far.

GDC’ 13

Christian was also at GDC last week, mainly for business meetings. He snapped a few pics along the way.

Posted Image

Entering the show.

Posted Image

The Oculus Rift booth.

Posted Image

With Ezra from Camoflaj.

Posted Image

Waiting for the UE4 demo.

Around the office this week[/size]

Posted Image

James and Andy enjoy some sweet Shake & Go burgers.

Posted Image

Content Review.

Posted Image

Tiffani rules with an Iron Fist from her Ivory Tower.

Posted Image

Nathan and Brandon talk shop.

Posted Image

Deane makin’ teh gamz.

Brandon and Terry trying to track down a cook/build issue.

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