Dev Diary: March 5th

Dev Diary: March 5th
This week, as we continue to advance into development on TAKEDOWN: Red Sabre, here is a synopsis of our current focus in development.

Partnership with 505 Games
If you didn’t catch it, last week we announce our new partnership with 505 Games to bring TAKEDOWN: Red Sabre to the worldwide stage. We are stoked to be working with these guys! Read the Official Press Release.

Over the past few weeks our focus has shifted from core game infrastructure to refining elements that require lots of iteration with feedback loops. ChrisZ and team is beginning to shore up a user interface that is clean and focuses on functionality.

Nathan and Christian have been spending copious amounts of time working through gameplay on the levels to get the balance and feel as good as it can be. The challenge at this point in the project results from needing key gameplay features in and functional. The primary dependency for us now in this regard is AI, which is almost always one of the more challenging features in game development to tackle.

We are also getting ready to do something a lot of development houses don’t get a chance to do: prototyping. Oftentimes, studios are time constrained because they are reacting and responding to the various forces that are outside of their control (Publisher input and direction, Management, Marketing). In an effort to cater to these forces the teams are forced to burn through valuable prototyping time. Fortunately for us, we have a community that has been helping us define our feature-set as well a great deal of experience in developing these types of games. This has been an enormous strength of this project and has really been paying off dividends. As one of those dividends, Design will be able to play with the engine a bit to see what kinds interesting features or gameplay experience emerge out of creative space. Even if these efforts don’t yield specific features that we can immediately implement, there is always something that we learn and can apply in the future (eg. better workflow, future features, etc.).

Live Q/A & Rainbow Six 3
Tonight  we will be hosting a live Q/A stream with Christian for all of your TAKEDOWN: Red Sabre related questions. For those of you who are
unable to attend, please leave your questions in the comments. After the stream we will be playing Rainbow Six 3 (PC) on various servers. Come out for a night of tactical shooter mayhem! A great chance to hangout with the community and the team.

In the Office

Recycled PC’s in line for an upgrade for testing

Posted Image

Our office park had complimentary hotdog day where we got to meet our fellow tenants

Posted Image

That’s it for our Dev Diary. Be sure to follow us on twitter @takedownthegame and like our facebook page! Until next time.

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