Dev Diary: February 8th

Dev Diary: February 8th
We’ve moved through another two weeks in full production and the team continues to maintain its stride. Last update we noted the significance of our “under the hood” work and it is beginning to pay off as Nathan and Christian begin to leverage the new systems (damage, game modes, and context sensitive action) that have come online.

This has resulted in an increase in the frequency of our playtest sessions.  There are currently several weapons (only categorized as “assault”, “sniper”, “smg”, “shotgun”, and “handgun” for now until we need more granularity below the type class) that we’ve performed passes on and it’s great to see their individual characteristics begin to take shape.  As an example, our shotgun is currently gaining frequent praise amongst the team members.

A significant percentage has to do with Christian’s pass but we’ve applied new temp audio as well.  The combination of these two updates makes for the “shotty” as a fun, albeit risky, weapon to bring into a mission.  The audio update also demonstrates a very clear example of how critical audio is as it directly contributes to the overall feel of the game.

Audio in the house!

Last, week, Christian and Kristoffer Larson, our Audio Director, headed out to Eastern Washington to scout a possible location for our weapons audio shoot.  Because authenticity is so important to this title, we have made the decision to record new audio effects rather than purchasing or creating a “hollywood” audio package like many games do.  However, recording gun audio isn’t as simple as taking a microphone to your local gun range.  Location has a huge effect on the quality of the base audio that will be processed for use in the final game.  Kristoffer and Christian spent an entire afternoon testing different spots in the location, and will test those against another location in Western Washington in the coming weeks.  Once the location is finalized, the team will arm up and head out for a one or two day weapons shoot (the final shoot will involve much more audio equipment than you see in these test photos).

For the location test, we used a DPMS AR-15, with a CMMG 16.5” upper firing SS109 62g 5.56x45mm.

Here are some photos from the scout:

Posted Image

Posted Image

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In the Office
Snacktime with Andy and Nathan’s muscular arms.

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Christian on point with the chips. His military training obviously paying off here.

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That’s it for our update on TAKEDOWN. Be sure to follow us on twitter and like our facebook page to stay up to date!

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