Community Highlights: February 4th

Community Highlights: February 4th
As we continue to move along with development of TAKEDOWN here at Serellan, our community continues to grow with it. We are so pleased with the awesome group of supporters who contribute towards the TAKEDOWN community. Out of this we are launching a way to highlight the community’s activity. Every few weeks we’ll be posting this, showcasing your contributions.

Fan Art
WEIHAO postedthis awesome concept fan art he made on our forums. Really great to see the level of detail he put into something entirely inspired by TAKEDOWN!

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A few months ago, Domino99 posted this fan art.

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For those who supported our kickstarter campaign last spring, you can expect to receive a package of TAKEDOWN swag which, depending on your level, may include a tshirt, dogtags and a slick red sabre patch (designed by the community!). Already we’ve been receiving fan photos. Here is one that @OkuLaRis_s9 tweeted at us

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DanHibikiFan posted this on our forums

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That’s it for our Community Highlights update. Be sure to register on our forums and follow us on Twitter / Facebook to get involved with the community!

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