With the holidays here we thought it’d be appropriate to release a Q/A on TAKEDOWN with questions taken from the community. In the new year we plan to do another live Q/A.

How detailed will body armor be? Will we get preset options of “no armor”, “light armor”, “medium armor” and “heavy armor”, or will be be able to select our armor down to individual vests and whatnot? What about head gear? Will there be multiple types of helmets?

We are still exploring how detailed the options for customizing body armor will be.  At the minimum, it will be pre-set options that you can choose from.  It is important to note that we don’t plan for it to be “class based” like many games, so if you choose to take a heavy set of body armor, you won’t be restricted on weapon choice.  If you want to take L3A armor with an SMG, feel free!

Do we have the ability to monitor one squad members headcam, just like in SWAT4 ?

We do want some kind of system to know where your teammates are at relative to your location, but the exact system is still TBD.  Helmet cams are a performance challenge because you are rendering multiple scenes (if you do PIP like GRAW’s Cross-Com).  Full screen switching is less of a technical hurdle, but provides less functionality.

Will Takedown have a proper manual (digital or physical) that actually explains the game and maybe gives tips too?

That is the plan.   It will probably exist in digital form, since printing physical manuals that an extremely small percentage of people actually read is expensive.

Will take down feature difficulty levels that change what features are used in game (such as reticles, weapon jamming etc)?

In SP, that is currently planned, specifically an easy mode that makes it possible for players who aren’t super-skilled to enjoy the game, along the lines of Rainbow Six’s auto-aim feature.

Will there be server side forcing of difficulty settings in multiplayer?

If there are difficulty settings in MP, it would be set for everyone.

Will Takedown feature respawns in team vs team and coop? 

Currently, we are planning to focus on no-respawn game modes.  While many folks like the “option” of having respawn game modes, there are tons of features that need to be implemented to support this, and we feel the time invested in those could be better spent focusing on the core gameplay, which is round-based non-respawn.  Respawn modes are considered an additional feature that would be implemented if time/resources allow.

Will there be the option (after having finished the campaign for example) to set the parameters (enemy morale, enemy equipment, objectives, time limit etc…) for the individual missions as desired by the player in SP? It would enhance the replayability greatly. It would enable the player to raise the difficulty of early missions manually to keep them challenging for example. 

That will probably be rolled into a difficulty system, although certain parameters may be made available.  Remember that we do plan to offer all of the maps as playable in various game modes, both in SP/Co-Op.

Is fluid/incremental peak/leaning being considered?

It is being considered.  Lean is currently implemented in the game, and we are playtesting now.  Lean is definitely vital to tactical gameplay, and is already very useful, both in SP and MP.

Will the soldiers be able to earn medals like in Ghost Recon or Starlancer? 

We are still working on the in-game rewards system, both for completing missions and individual SP teammates.

Would it be possible to include a feature like evacuating incapacitated but not dead teammate? 

It is possible, but not a focus at this time.

WIll the game have a prox mic opp like the original socom comf. game?

We are still looking into various voice options.

Will Takedown have depth of field where certain areas are blurred and such, thus able to create effects like ghost ring sights?

Yes, depth of field is already implemented in the engine.

Will there be the option to customize reticles on optics, or will they be bound to individual optics? ie can i put a chevron style reticule on an eotech

The reticule will be bound to the optic, although we plan multiple different optics to choose from.

What would be the role of less than lethal gear. stuff like rubber rounds, tazers, shotgun tazer rounds, stun grenades and the like.

There will be both certain missions that may require the use of non-lethal weapons, and they can also be extremely useful against unarmored targets.  One great use is in hostage extraction, because you can be more sure that a less-lethal round is not going to accidentally kill a hostage.  Obviously you don’t want to be chucking live frag grenades into a room where hostages may be.  The downside to less-lethal is that certain rounds can be completely ineffective against body armor.  They can also be deadly if used incorrectly (at extremely close range or against an unarmored head, for example).

Will there be any consideration for an optional tutorial that teaches players the basics?

Yes, that is planned.

Where does team serellan draw the line between “hard” core gameplay and arcade? Which concessions will you guys make in order to make this game still comfortable for everyone who likes these types of games? I see huge posts from some “hard” core tactical gamers ….but what about the average tactical player? The ones who arent used to all these tactical stories? Will they be overwhelmed by the gameplay and thinking its too hard? 

I believe that TAKEDOWN will be accessible to anyone who wants to take a second and get used to the fact that running into a room with guns blazing will just get you killed, and that you actually need to cover your back (or your teammates back), because the game isn’t just a long hallway with endless enemies spawning in front of you.

I’ve said many times that the way this game is being developed is that we start with realism and move to fun.  It needs to be realistic, but this is not a battlefield simulator.  You won’t need to remember to blink so that your eyes won’t dry out.  “Hardcore” to the team means that the game is true to it’s roots, and won’t handhold you to make up for your mistakes.  If you screw up, expect to be dead.  You can’t hide behind a wall to wait for your health to comeback, and you can’t carry a Mk19 on your back to mow down enemies.  Alternatively, you won’t need to worry about an AI spawning behind you or some “boss battle” that has enemies who are immune to your weapons, or trying to shoot down a helicopter with a pistol.

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  1. Fábio Vieira says:

    “You won’t need to remember to blink so that your eyes won’t dry out.”

    Phew! I was worried for a moment! 😀

    Joking aside, very informative Q/A, as always! 🙂

  2. Wisdo says:

    “Alternatively, you won’t need to worry about an AI spawning behind you or some “boss battle” that has enemies who are immune to your weapons, or trying to shoot down a helicopter with a pistol.”

    At least say we can mash the spacebar to make our character deactivate a nuclear reactor.

  3. Dean says:

    Great answers. Are modding capabilities being considered?

  4. Andy Kosela says:

    I just hope that Serellan team will stay true to the promises they made during the Kickstarter campaign about game being specifically designed for the hard core military simulations enthusiasts. Now when I read “we start with realism and move to fun” I start to worry. If you want to do another arcade Rainbow Six this project will fail considerably as casual gamers who like Call of Duty type games will not buy it as it will not be AAA for them and simulator crowd also will not buy it as it will be too much arcade.

    There is no middle ground here to satisfy both parties. You should concentrate on the realism and go down in history as the only modern company that delivered it properly. And I know thare is a great demand for such a production in CQB environment. Just look what BIS did with Arma series on the larger scale and how successfully it was. The military simulation market is blossoming right now — there are millions of dollars in that industry.

    You should analyze the UT99 mod Infiltration [0] as to how properly simulate weapon mechanics in the game. There is no other title (old or modern) that delivers so much detail and realism to weapon handling [1]. Not even VBS2 come close.

    [0] http://dslyecxi.com/articles_wp/best-of-tactical-gaming-infiltration/
    [1] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o52V6JsjrJc

  5. Ushiri says:

    I 100% if this is going to be ” realism moving towards fun” I will stop following this developement right way. but since it wasn´t cleared ut what “fun” really means it would be nice to hear more from them about this subject.

  6. Cam says:

    I only just heard about this project. My friends and I still play Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 on PS3, and it was last night whilst playing and getting fed up with the glitches that I started to Google for an alternative when I found the kickstarter page for TakeDown.

    Some questions based on our frustrations and favourites with Ubisofts RB6v2:

    Will TakeDown include the ability to hug walls aka RB6 Vegas?
    Will there be Console versions?
    Will you be able to go prone?
    Is a mele function going to be included?
    If silenced weapons or silent kills are use will the other nearby enemies be alerted.
    Is a Terrorist Hunt style co-op function being considered? If yes will more than 4 people be abe to participate?
    Will there be more than a dozen MP maps? Is on-going DLC being thought about?
    Will the weapon choice be restricted to that of just US spec, or will we see other NATO nationalities represented?
    Is equipment like proximity sensors and trip wires being concidered?

    The most important question of all… When can we play it?

    Really glad we aren’t alone in wanting a Tactical shooter, there are too many Run and Gun games on the market and as much as we like Medal of Honour and COD they do lack the realism of RB6 or SWAT. A shame that I can’t find a way to be a backer now it’s funded…

  7. Tolya says:

    I have a more pressing question. What about the game will differentiate it from already released titles, like Rainbow Six, which wasn’t really as much a tactical game as an excercise in trial and error?

    How will the “tactics” thingy factor into the actual gameplay? I think these are much more important issues than leaning or 100% real depiction of weapons and equipment.

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