Dev Diary: December 17th

Dev Diary: December 17th

Community Gaming Night

Our last gaming night involved some tense action on ARMA II PC Mod, DayZ. We are looking at hosting our next gaming night but looking for suggestions of what to play. Head on over to this thread to post your suggestion!

In the Office

We’ve been very fortunate to be slightly ahead of the curve during our development process as we’ve moved through our prototyping and pre-production phases.

In the prototype phase we were proving out some core concepts in art and design.  This phase also allowed us to get familiar with the Unreal engine and see how it stacked up to our previous experiences on proprietary software.  If you’ve been following along, you know that we feel Unreal has been phenomenal to work in and has been invaluable for us to get our prototypes up and running quickly.

In the pre-production phase we were able to prove out our process and then hone it to suit the needs of Project TAKEDOWN.  While we’ll always make room to explore creative avenues as appropriate, this phase is the most focused in allowing for that kind of freedom.  Over the past several months we’ve asked a ton of questions about what fans want to see in TAKEDOWN using the forums, Facebook, Live Q/A, and in our Kickstarter discussions.  The feedback has been fantastic and we definitely look forward to continuing to get folks’ thoughts as we move ahead.

Now, we’re preparing to make the transition into production.  This new stage of development is where we put the lessons learned by the team, and feedback from the community, from the previous phases into practice. You’ve probably noticed some additional positions listed on our website in the Jobs section, and these new folks should greatly help us in this next part of the development process.  It is also the time when we begin laying the foundation, architecture, infrastructure for an honest-to-goodness game.  For folks not directly working on the day-to-day, it can be a little disappointing (for lack of a better word) because the visual progress is emphasized less.  Nonetheless, tons of work is being implemented.

Still, through it all, two main production mantras continue to hold true: focus on the gameplay and get it in the game.

Facility cooling pool whitebox test:

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