Dev Diary: November 2nd

Dev Diary: November 2nd
Last night we had a awesome community event starting with a live Q/A on TAKEDOWN with plenty of questions being answered. For those of you who were unable to make it, we have a recording of the Q/A.

Afterwards a few of us jumped in DayZ on Terrarisk’s Fortbandit server and had a considerable amount of fun. I personally spent most of the time refuelling a ATV and crossing the countryside looking for a helicopter. On a few occasions a bandit run was necessary to pick up ammo. Thanks to everyone who came out for the event. We plan to do more of these in the future



This is a screenshot from the next “whitebox” level that Mark is developing. Whitebox is the initial phase of level development, where the space is roughed out to get an idea conceptually of how the space works, and initial playtesting in co-op and multiplayer can take place. You’ll notice a lack of texture work, that is because we use playtesting to finalize the layout before we move on to begin “art” work on the level.

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That’s it for our dev diary update. Be sure to join our steamfacebook and twitter streams if you haven’t already!

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