Dev Diary: November 14th

Dev Diary: November 14th
In this week’s Dev Diary we focus on Multiplayer Development with a sneak peek of another level in the works. Also we received news of a package on it’s way to Serellan, showing how awesome the community is!

Sweet, sweet, fan-made sign

Pest_AWC, one of our Platinum Kickstarters, is in the process of shipping us a 4′ X 2′ lit sign created and donated by fellow clanmate Zaphod_AWC of The AWC clan were avid Rainbow Six fans that played regularly from 1999 to 2006 and eagerly await the release of Takedown.

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Quote from Zaphod_AWC: “When I first heard about Takedown I was so excited. For years we have had clones of other games. This is the first time I felt the tactical shooter was coming back and I had to do something to thank Serellan. This sign is a “small” token of my deep appreciation for showing us that a game developer could actually make a game worth playing.”

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Mission, Map, and MP Development

Playtesting has now commenced on the “Facility” map whitebox that Mark has been working on and we gave you a peek at last update.  Christian has roughed out a quick hostage-rescue mission on the space, and multiplayer layouts utilizing several sections of the large playspace.  Facility is a large, underground play space with a mix of long-range open areas and tight-cqb spaces that makes for a great mix of gameplay and contrast to the hyper-CQB focus of Biolab.  While Christian continues to set up scenarios and conduct playtests in the current whitebox (i.e., focused on layout with minimal-to no artwork) to refine feedback and tweaks, Mark has moved on to whiteboxing the next space for playtesting.

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Biolab playtesting has focused on some mission and gameplay tweaks, as well as focusing in on the best layouts for adversarial MP layouts.  We did a lot of playtesting on a new gametype designed for smaller groups of 3-4 players in a team environment.  More details to be released as we develop it.  Co-op testing was focused on ensuring a great play experience for a 4-man team, and it has been very successful, except when Christian kept charging out and getting his ass shot off in the first engagement.  Our AI are proving quite lethal and unpredictable, requiring constant vigilance and care in moving through the space.  Semi-Randomized placements of both enemies and objectives proves a constant challenge for players, so they can’t “get in a rut”.


Brandon fixed some bugs in the lean/peak system to ensure that things worked well over the network, and lean/peak is now definitely an extremely effective and necessary tactic to minimize exposure of your body and utilize cover.

Joe has implemented first pass of grenades, and we are experimenting with different systems such as multiple throw styles (overhand/underhand), cooking, etc.

Updated FAQ

As the TAKEDOWN community expands, it’s important for us to keep you in the loop of features you can expect to see. To work towards having more resources on TAKEDOWN, we’ve put together a compiled list of FAQ’s in our forums. This list will be continually updated from our Q/A sessions and questions from the community.

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