Dev Diary: October 5th

Dev Diary: October 5th
This week we’ve got another screenshot, this time showing the Red Sabre PMC’s clearing the lobby. Here is the next in the Dev Diary series as we continue to make progress at Serellan HQ.

New Screenshot

We present to you the first screenshot of our prototype level that includes the first pass take on Red Sabre player characters. Enjoy!

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Week Recap

This week has again been a flurry of advancement on the game, as the team is nose down into the engine getting more and more online, the game came leaps and bounds forward in visual quality. While James continued to polish the briefing video with Mark working on the level flythrough, more work has gone on:

Character Art

Andy and Joe worked together to get the new animation set working for the characters, as well as getting the first-pass of the Red Sabre characters in the game, with some visual variation as shown in the screenshot.. Placeholder TP weapons were implemented for the characters so that they aren’t shooting air at the player, as well as testing weapon models for both sets of characters, and subbing in FP weapons.

Level & Lighting

Mark worked on lighting of the level, as well as some great screenshots and camera flythrough for the briefing video and fleshing out the office part of the level & signage throughout.. Vsync and different Anti-Aliasing techniques were tried to evaluate impact on PC performance, with positive results (i.e., no big framerate hits). Christian tracked down a bug on the randomly placed objective where it would sometimes not appear.


More work went into getting the AI to be effective opponents through cover, retreating, and flanking, as well as visual reinforcement, such as ragdoll implementation (replacing Christian’s script of just disappearing them when they are dead). Patroller AI testing was also conducted, but needs some more work moving forward.

That’s it for our weekly update on TAKEDOWN. As something a little extra, here is a wallpaper varient of the Red Sabre Screenshot.

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  1. GoodKnight says:

    lol he doesn’t look dead.. he looks like he surrendered 😀

  2. Ludd says:

    Not sure if you read comments here, but here’s a few pointers on the screenshot. Overall it’s great to see progress and the models look serviceable enough, but they’re a bit off.

    First of all I believe the heads are a bit too big, also some other proportions look a bit off like lower legs and arms compared to upper. Secondly, there appears to be some meshing problems, as the models look kind of deflated around the pelvis area and slightly awkward around wrists, shoulders and elbows.

    Anyway, keep up the good work and reach high!

  3. NLdestinyX says:

    Dude, the graphics are looking f#cking awesome!
    keep going i want to play this game

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