Dev Diary: October 12th

Dev Diary: October 12th
This week we are pleased to show a Pre-Alpha Prototype Video with a quick flythrough of “Biolab” which you saw in our previous screenshot release.

Pre-Alpha Prototype Briefing

As we mentioned last update, James and Mark have been hard at work to put together a quick placeholder mission briefing for the prototype level, so that playtesters have an idea of what their goals are for the mission. While all of these assets are pre-alpha and placeholder (including James’ “awesome” take on VO until we bring Matt Corboy in – HERE), it gives you a good idea of the layout of the space and the non-linearity of the level, so we put it together with a quick level flythrough that Mark rendered in-engine so that you can view it. Enjoy!

Level Work

Mark has brought the Biolab to our “80%” art level, so we are ready to pack it away for now (to revisit in finishing mode) so that Mark can begin work on the next two level whiteboxes. This week, he has worked on adding some detail to some of the unworked-on rooms, signage throughout the space which is both realistic and helpful to the player (so you know you are in Stairway B, Level 2!) as well as some nice visual, physics, and lighting tweaks (like the emergency lights in the generator room as seen below). There will still be work to be done to finalize the space from an art perspective, but we are ready to move on to our next spaces, which will include at least one more “open” space to get that .308 sniper rifle into play!

Posted Image

Posted Image

In the Office

This last week has been a busy one. While folks busted ass to get content into the game, Christian and James headed to LA late last week for important business meetings. The briefing video was part of our meetings, and we felt that getting it in your hands for feedback quickly was important. As always, Kickstarters and Supporters got first look (you can always become a Supporter at

Tiffani, always our voice of reason & real life, is working on getting the tax lawyer arranged so that we can ensure the right amount of money is set aside for our friends in the government. She and Terry are also getting ready to send out the Kickstarter survey to get addresses, as we are expecting the massive shipment of Kickstarter physical rewards to be arriving any day (and we will post pics once they are in)!

We had a bit of slowdown when our Perforce server had to be moved off-site due to some provider problems, but Terry manned up and kept us going, and now the server is back on-site.

Andy has been working on the animation deliverable schedule, detailing out every single animation we need in the game (like I mentioned last time, we purchased a base package but most of these will need to be tweaked). Brandon and Joe fixed some AI and ragdoll issues, and Brandon implemented better patrolling controls for the AI, so Christian will be implementing those changes into the mission. James said “HERE” a lot and worked on budgets and scheduling. Christian talked a lot and made forum posts while slamming coffee.

We also spent some time working on conceptual work on the next set of maps. Internally, we are using a Pinterest page to gather photo reference for various map proposals, and Terry and Erik are looking into different ideas on how we can bring you, the community, into this process, besides just forum posts or emails. If you have any ideas on efficient ways to do this, feel free to message Erik at

That’s it for our weekly Dev Diary. Be sure to follow us on twitter @Takedownthegame and our facebook page to stay up to date!

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  1. xXEXORCISTXx says:

    Man this is looking great! I was an advid socom player back when socom was one of the greatest tactical shooters ever and Takedown is looking like it is going to fill the void that socom left. I’m very excited to see more of takedown and can’t wait to get my hands on the beta once available! Good job guys and gals at Serellan keep up the great work!

  2. Username* says:

    Socom fan here lookin forward to the game that video is sick cant wait

  3. avid gamer 343 says:

    Man looked up video on YouTube and I have an idea for you guys. These games that were mentioned in the video like Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon would be the perfect explanation so what I will ask from you guys is to incorporate cheap DLC like the GRAW2 DLC the dlc is currently 5 dollars and is 10 dollars in all. Also is to add in a weapons customizer which is a must have for this new day in age. Just a new age spin for the old school feel.

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