Reaction Time Interview

Reaction Time Interview
Christian had a chance to sit down with UK based gaming news website, Reaction Time. The interview includes both a recording and transcript.

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Joe Marsden: Hey this is Joe Marsden from and today I have the pleasure of speaking with Christian Allen from Serellan and today he’s here to talk to me about Takedown. Thanks for stopping by, Christian.

Christian Allen: How’s it going?

JM: It’s going well! How about yourself?

CA: It’s going well; we’re rocking and rolling in development, here.

JM: So first off, for some of the unfortunate people who don’t already know what Takedown is all about, what can you tell us?

CA: Yeah, the basic summary of Takedown is that it’s a revial/spritual successor to the original games like Rainbow Six and the SWAT series. So, what we’re trying to do is bring back the old school, tactical shooters of yesteryear before the preponderence of the, you know, action shooters that you see today – all the shooters are going in the same direction and we’re trying to bring back the thinking person’s shooters where you need to take it slow and really have to think about what you’re doing and weapons handle realistically, there’s no regenerating health and things like that.

JM: I know that I’m a big fan of the original Rainbow Six games so hearing about this project on Kickstarter, which is where it originally came from, was really exciting. How was the Kickstarter experience. Was Kickstarter the plan from the beginning, or did the recent Double Fine buzz and other such projects push the idea of crowd sourced funding to the forefront of your design plans?

CA: Well it was actually our idea from the beginning. The idea from this game atually came from the fans. We had set up the company to do some consulting and atually started getting mesasges from fans who wanted to see this type of game, so we started to get into looking at Kickstarter. What the Double fine thing did was bump up our goals and expectations of what could actually be drawn on kickstarter. we were originally looing at star control that were raising around 37,000 and Double fine raising multi-millions changed our goals and really made it more of a viable thing that we could get the seed money to really get this game going.

JM: If I remember correctly, I remember the Kickstarter project being a bit alarming for me quite near the end because…was it a day or two before where it didn’t look like you’d reach your goal – is that correct?

CA: Yeah, that’s exactly correct. Kickstarter was quite a ride – we made a lot of mistakes in how we launched the project and how we pitched it. We got the hardcore base right off the bat and had a bump, but we kind of flatlined for a while and then we did a reboot. A lot of the social media of various different famous game developers stepped up and helped us out, and we had a big influx of both the hardcore PC guys from Rainbow Six and SWAT as well as SOCOM fans – they really stepped up and made it happen in the last 12 hours. That’s when it made it’s goal.

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