First Peek at TAKEDOWN

First Peek at TAKEDOWN

We are pleased to release the first batch of screenshots from TAKEDOWN. These shots show you the current state of our Prototype level, the Biolab, as well as our first enemy, tangos that have infiltrated the facility by disguising themselves as security guards. You can see the lobby, labs, roof, generator room, and server room. The response from our Kotaku article and the forums has been great! The forum goers called out that we forgot to turn on anti-aliasing (doh!), so we re-took one of the shots to show you the difference. More details about the level layout and mission will be in future updates.


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  1. Torakka says:

    I can only say I really don’t care how it will look.
    The feeling and immersion of realism with totally unforgiving enemies with swat4 type AI and randomized enemies in map start rather than static for re-playability would be my dreams come true.

    Keep on the good work! I’ve been waiting for 7 years since Tom Clancy sold his trademark in 2005 to crapsoft, france.(UBI)

    • ARUG says:

      i agree to some extent, the looks of the levels aren’t as important as the AI, but i think level design also offers the chance for re-playability within the game. if there is little thought put into them they quickly become boring but at the same time they need to look realistic rather than an over complicated maze.

      my only real criticism at this point would be the baby-faced operatives, the backs of my hands have more hair than they have on their chins!

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  3. ks2810 says:

    Looks awesome, guys! Can’t wait to see some early alpha footage or animations!

  4. Machine1981 says:

    Gorgeous screen shots. I instantly got a swat4 vibe when looking at these. I can’t wait to play!

  5. unplug says:

    yah i had the exact same comment, the tangos all look alike and all look way too young. It is still alpha, but i would strongly work on that.

    The level are realistic
    The texture are great but we can see miroring and repeating pattern in the generator scene and some strange shadow around the machine, plus the slab under the machine is way too stick =) (architect eye) and seems to miss a dust layer, its too clean.
    light are pretty cool, really moody, i like the hall the moost. pretty sweet ! =)
    the lab only have 1 chair and no sprinkler at all ??? there should be sprinkler everywhere in this type of building (how great would it be to have them go on because it receive a bullet, how amazing such effect would be !!!)
    rooftop / sky is great =)

  6. sukmyturban says:

    looks awesome, but you gotta throw that guy a cheeseburger…skinny lookin dude right there

  7. Silverwave says:

    I don’t dig the blue and red berets at all. I hope they’ll be designing true modern operator look!

  8. Silverwave says:

    Nevermind… just saw the recent screenshot.

  9. somoene says:

    So, without swat 5, we can call this game our new “swat 5” ? I hope .

  10. Kaiga12 says:

    I’m reminded heavily of the last mission in vanilla Swat: 4 in the lab. The aesthetic is dead on.

  11. Mikki says:

    Most importantly; do not forget to add mod support. Make it as extensive as possible.
    Please and thank you.

  12. bloo2 says:

    Screenshot9_generator1 is too much clean. Walls and floor should be a little dirty (dust, gravel) and some oil splashs…

    By the way, it looks good !

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