Dev Diary: September 14th

Dev Diary: September 14th
It’s been a few weeks since we’ve updated everyone (several of us were out on vacation) but we’ve continued to make a great deal of progress in the game. We’ve also got some additional engineering help with the addition of Brandon Mann.

Mark continues to polish up the level and it is looking very good. As we’ve mentioned before we intended to have one beautiful corner and leave the rest of the level as a whitebox. But as we’ve been so far ahead of schedule on level development, we’ve now been able to complete beautiful corners for all the labs, the generator room, the lobby, and perform an art pass on the rest of the level’s “connective tissue.” The progress here has been nothing short of phenomenal.

We also now have a shotgun model in the game with much thanks to Andrew Boetsma! While it’s fairly easy to perform testing with the correct numbers using placeholder art, it’s always awesome to see assets like these come online. Christian has also added additional ambient audio to the game which has really been making a big difference as well.


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