Gamestar Interview

Gamestar Interview
Russian gaming site, published a great interview with Christian on Serellan and TAKEDOWN giving some insight to our project and the ideas that run behind it.

Who of modern game designers would you like to mention specially? Which FPS and\or TPS developing studio impresses you? 

Right now I am impressed by the developers that are stepping outside of the traditional box from a publishing standpoint, such as Brian Fargo, Jordan Weisman, and Dean Hall. Fargo and Weisman helped push crowdfunding forward to bring back beloved franchises, while Dean Hall created the zombie shooter I always wished I could make.
As far as shooter studios, there aren’t a lot that stand out in my mind right now. I’m pretty burned out on the “gritty realistic gray brown shooter.” Hawken recently impressed me as a bad ass fast-paced mecha shooter.

FPS games were always quite linear from the very beginning, though in the past it was well hidden behind various approaches to in-game situations. Nowadays many gamers complain about gameplay being much less variable and FPS titles turning more into a plain shooting range. Do you agree? Please name one FPS game you think has the most non-linear gameplay. 

I definitely feel the trend has been going more linear, and that comes about for a few different reasons, mainly a drive to provide a “cinematic” experience to reach a broad audience. And I think that gamers want an alternative to that, thus the rise of games like Day Z. 
One FPS that stands out for non-linearity is S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Of course personally I was influenced greatly by the original Rainbow Six, as it presented the gameplay levels as a puzzle with multiple tactical solutions.

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