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Will the weapons have statistics that are presented to the player (accuracy, stability, magazine size…(Raven Shield)) that tell you exactly how the weapons behave (a shooting range would help too) instead of a descriptive text that ultimately does not help at all in choosing the right equipment (Rogue Spear)?

That is a great question. Providing stats has always been a contentious issue, because the stats provided, such as in Raven Shield, were not real stats, they were game stats. And honestly, when I looked at those numbers, some of them didn’t make sense. They were balanced for gameplay, not for realism.

So my personal preference is for us to build the weapons to function like they should, and the players to figure out the functional difference between a 5.56x45mm and a 5.45x39mm. I know that some players want the game to give them stats, but when it comes to providing stats like “handling” or “accuracy,” often times those little green bars don’t provide much information unless you inflate the impact of them. A shooting range is of course a great resource, allowing players to learn the impact of the decisions they are making instead of relying on possibly flawed visual representations of abstract concepts.

Will there be statistics after each mission showing shots fired, hit ratio and so on? 

We do plan to provide an after action report, with the results of the mission, and are looking at the SWAT series and how they scored missions. I think this could be an interesting take on a classic R6 style mission with SWAT style scoring.




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  1. Fate price says:

    I feel like Many of the shooters of this game seem to desensitize youths to war. What is your take on this? Will your game follow suit or break free of the status-quo?

    Will we see a realistic amount of gore when enemies are shoot?Will it be dependent on range? Bullet caliber?

    Care to say a bit about the physics being used ingame

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