GYP Interview with Christian

GYP Interview with Christian

Gather Your Party, a gaming media site, recently published an interview with Christian about the gaming industry, Serellan LLC and TAKEDOWN. It’s worth a read!

Amer: What prompted you to start a Kickstarter campaign?

Christian: I set up the company in late last year, originally planning to do consulting for movies and games. I started to get a lot of enquiries from the hardcore tactical shooter community interested in whether I’d be working on a tactical shooter. Around that time Kickstarter was starting to take off and we decided to do a kickstarter campaign to see if there actually was a market and enough people to make this kind of game a reality.

Amer: What are you hoping to achieve with Takedown, both in terms of the game itself and possible industry wide effects? Do you believe that big developers and publishers will attempt to make Takedown clones, or do you expect it to be a smaller success?

Christian: As far as what we’re hoping to achieve for Takedown, I mean the main thing is a game focused on core gameplay. That’s one of the benefits that we have on being small and independent and people knowing what kind of game they want ahead of time. It makes decisions on what features to include actually quite easy, especially because we can poll the community and see what kind of things they want. So, you know what we’re hoping to achieve is basically a game that’s true to its roots, true to the roots of the original tactical shooters, and satisfies that niche in the shooter lineup that hasn’t existed in a few years. As far as impact on the industry, personally while I’m excited to be part of kickstarter I don’t see what we’re doing completely revolutionary, aside from possibly our community involvement and the way that we are open and honest and transparent with our community and our fans about what we’re doing as a company and game developers. And as far as whether big developers will attempt to clone Takedown, I don’t expect it to be that way. If they wanted to build a game like Takedown they could have done it easily themselves. The audience that we are focusing on are the hardcore gamers so I do expect it to be a smaller game than those big shooters, and we’re budgeting according to that. By focusing on gameplay, we’re focusing less on flashy graphics and big marketing campaigns and things like that.


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