Weekly Q/A

Weekly Q/A

This week we opened the floor to questions from our kickstarters. A lot of questions have surfaced recently about gameplay features we plan on implementing into TAKEDOWN. Even though we received quite a few questions, we rounded up the best. Every Wednesday we’ll be releasing this as a weekly Q&A series for TAKEDOWN. Keep your eyes peeled on our forums over the next few days to get a chance to submit your questions for next week’s Q&A.


Will there be an interactive pre-mission planning sequence like in Raven Shield where we can place waypoints for the player and AI to follow, or will it be a static map like SWAT 4 with no waypoints?

We are still looking at the depth of pre-mission planning. At the very least we are planning multiple insertion points available to the player, and a display showing intel, including known or suspected enemy and objective information, although of course many times there will be unknown variables.

Will we be able to give commands to individual AI units (not talking about the entire team/element, individual operators)?

We are leaning toward keeping it to elements, rather than individual AI orders. We want to provide tactical flexibility without creating too cumbersome of a system, both from a gameplay perspective and from the development side.




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