Video Update #2 F.A.Q.

Video Update #2 F.A.Q.

Christian’s new F.A.Q. video for KickStarter! More to the point and in detail!

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  1. O_Fudge says:

    i’m definitely planning on buying this game, as long as you continue to listen to your community, and plan on releasing mod tools with some kind of map maker in a timely manner, (this will only benefit your game), and don’t forget VOIP for pc version

  2. greg says:

    i pledged $75 towards this game and I’m very excited for the game to be produced. I think itd be nice to see some sort of trailer,concept art, weapons,models or anything about this game. I hope you guys release something soon to generate more of an audience or else i feel this game will be released with out an excited audience. MW3 and COD and big games like that build up there audience over time to get more people interested and yeah they have a huge budget but word of mouth is huge in the gaming community. just my two cents

    • Sorlaize says:

      updates are important (see wolfire blog)

      But it’s important to release a quality game

      Great to hear this vision of the game that includes REALISM and QUALITY from a professional developer, I already pledged judging from the overall feel of the kickstarter page,

      tbh all games- look at ME3, Gears 3, and any FPS- they are all serving the same kind of multiplayer experience. Running around shooting, not valuing player death. From a game design standpoint I am really surprised to see ANYONE in the industry want to make a serious game, so for that notion I put down some money, more importantly though there are so many barriers to even communicating with gamers about what they really want, to begin with

      ..but the author doesn’t really know what they are talking about there, it’s a fundamental issue still not really being tackled by the industry.. anyway.. I’m going to start a blog about it.. sometime..

      One thing to watch out for in multiplayer is enemy spawn points.. in ME3 I’m watching my area of the map so there’s no spawns there.. they can spawn right by you.

      • Ahmad says:

        I’m just really glad you made it! I am very etxecid to see what happens next, and hope to keep tabs on the game development process.I’ve come across some major doubters, but I am glad that despite other’s pessimism, you succeeded! I also discovered some who were totally off about who the people are behind these campaigns, so I hope to change that with the articles I’m writing and hope to get published.Congratulations! Now for the next stage!

  3. Willius. says:

    Please make sure you have tense hostage situations e.g. hostages being used as human shields or hostages rigged up to bombs.

    I think those would be some great gaming moments :).

    Also non lethal take down options would be great.

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