Project TAKEDOWN Video

Project TAKEDOWN Video

Serellan has launched a fantastic new video that lays out why every gamer interested in a tactical shooter needs to sit up now and take notice of the potential that Project TAKEDOWN has. Read on to watch this cool new trailer right now on YouTube…

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  1. XgS.Machine says:

    Hell yes! I literally just got done playing some swat 4 coop with some friends just to come find out you guys made your kickstart! congratualtions!. New generations of gamers need to be taught why games like CoD even exsist, and us older hardcore gamers need this more than anything. my friends and i have been constantly saying that we need a true successor to rainbowsix/swat for the new generation and this sounds like what weve been craving for a very long time. i wish for nothing less than great success for this game. it is truly time to stack up on modern shooters front doors and prepare to breach and clear.

  2. XgS.Machine says:

    Of course we’d all like to see both great graphics and gameplay, but realistically gameplay mechanics should always have the edge especially in a game based on realistic combat. Personally I think alot of first person shooter games go overboard on graphics with all that unrealistic hdr/bloom, overaccentuated god rays, etc. I think alot of people mistake games like Battlefield 3 for having realistic graphics when in reality things are much more subdued, and in some cases less detailed.

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