Kotaku SNAFU

Kotaku SNAFU

Read Kotaku’s take on Christian Allen’s Kickstarter, and discover why he’s been getting console’r hate mail ever since. Of course, he never said what has been the source of the outrage, read why in his own words in the forums. That aside the article makes some good reading, especially the comments atributed to an unamed publisher.

Tactical, hardcore, sim-esque gamers will identify with the comments made in the Kotaku article, such as they …

  • are a super-vocal audience.
  • don’t buy a lot of games

.. but they missed a few, how about,

  • they don’t tolerate half ass attempts and buggy games
  • they’ll play the same game for 10 years straight

and of course, the kicker for publishers thinking about hardcore gamers,

  • they’d rather mod their own extras than buy DLC

All of the above is probably true, but what is also true, is that hardcore gamers are out there, they are still playing Ghost Recon, they are still playing ArmA, and they are looking for a new challenge. If it is served up right, they will buy it and support it, massively.

Pledge your support to a hardcore tactical shooter developed by Christian Allen NOW.

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