Kickstarter on the Up and Up!

Kickstarter on the Up and Up!

The new information and media released this week has had a terrific effect on pledges with the Kickstarter fund growing to over the half way mark in only a few hours after the re-launch. As pointed out by Christian here, this currently leaves the graph trend pointing ominously at the 100% target, but there are only a few days left!

Tell all your friends, and post on all your gaming forums that we need every last bit of support to pull this off! Or, as posted here, consider doubling your pledge today to really make this thing happen!

Kickstarter Pledges HERE!


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  1. Andrew Baxter says:

    When the drive at kickstarter is finished at 8:00 PM est, could you please post or email the graph of the donation timeline from start to finish. I’d love to be able to show this in my Marketing class as a demonstration of the principles espoused in Malcolm Gladwell’s book “The Tipping Point.” I think this would really be a great example. Thank you.

    • Mamta says:

      Awesome work guys!And, You should get TotalBiscuit to cover the Beta, since he burns for games like this, and also made this haeppn by linking your kickstarter page. One little link pushed the plegde into shore. I also love his commentary. So it would most likely be a win win.

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