Dungeon Defenders Giveaway To KickStarters

Dungeon Defenders Giveaway To KickStarters

One of our KickStarter supporters kutagh is showing his support by giving away a free copy of Dungeon Defender! This is awesome and really shows the support of our KickStarters! Remember help spread the word as much as possible! You can check out the gift page at http://www.steamgifts.com/giveaway/ktiJh/dungeon-defenders for more information on this awesome prize giveaway.

He writes

Dungeon Defenders giveaway on www.steamgifts.com. Only those that have pledged money to Kickstarter can win the game.
Sorry for those that can’t access Steamgifts or don’t use Steam, I can’t throw a bone here (primarily because it is only a Steam game and because Steamgifts takes care of selecting the winner). I’d like to thank you nonetheless for supporting this, even if it doesn’t reach the $200k. For those joining the giveaway, consider that my thanks!

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  1. Kutagh says:

    By the way, if the Kickstarter does hit $200,000 I’ll do another give-away but with Left 4 Dead 2 😉

  2. Setup says:

    Thanks so much Kutagh for the giveaway 😉

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