Bargain Backer

Bargain Backer

So you want to help this project get off the ground, but you have limited funds. What if you could back this game now, and be guaranteed that when complete you would recieve the full game via digital download for no extra charge.

What if it came with a no game no fee guarantee?

What if the outlay for this Kickstarter option was a mere $15?

Well, that’s exactly what you get with the bargain backer option at Kickstarter, so don’t hang around, get involved, become a Kickstarter now for only $15!

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  1. Josimar says:

    For me personally Id like to see a slow paced game Ultra high realsim with CQB and HUGE maps like ARMA. No B.S kit crap like the mav or a uav or the call of duty crap just you a rifle a sidearm maybe a grenade and a small squad. Id also like to see a canadian map or even mention Canada in the NATO faction because every shooter the allies are always american. Rifles kill in 1 0r 2 shots because thats realistic kills not half a mag to the chest and you dont get a kill.

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